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Everyday I drive to school there is a "Buy American" sign hanging up on some street pole. I am half tempted to just take it down one day. For years, decades really, there has been a segment of the population that believes in the falsehoods of "American" anything.

They believe we should buy products made in the U.S.A. instead of just buying quality. When I go shopping I look for price and quality. I do not look for country name. Segments of the population though, has this sick idea that by buying American we help out the American economy. Well let's use some common sense here. If a corporation pays an employee in a "3rd world country" $1.00 to make a product and it sell here for maybe $3.00, how much do you think it is going to sell for if it cost a company $10 to pay an American employee.

Pricing for companies is simple, they mark it up to make a profit. Employees from other countries are hired if they are specialized in that field and can do it better , or if they can do the same quality for cheaper. So sure, buy American, but by doing that you are costing American consumers their hard earned dollars.

These people often argue that Chinese products are lead tainted or something insane like that. I guess they forgot about the recent massive beef and peanut recalls from American based companies.

Along with this outsourcing debate comes the idea of "American" jobs. Do not lie to yourself. A job is not American, Chinese, Canadian... Jobs do not belong to countries or people of certain countries. They do not belong to the employee really either. They are positions companies offer us. The CEO, managers, owners, or whoever is placed in charge assigns jobs. Jobs are not constant and are not owned. They are "rented out" per say.

This American only mindset also comes to adoption. There is always outcry over celebrities adopting children from foreign countries. National boundaries are defined by man, children are born, with 0 say where at, so why would you refuse a child because of where they are born, or only adopt a child in America? Children are children. Countries are nothing when it comes to loving a child.

The American Only mindset leads to making poor economic and social decisions. Jobs are not owned by countries and do not belong to the people of a country, keeping jobs in countries that are not efficient at making them hurt consumers, and children need love no matter where they are from.

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This article was published on 2010/04/03
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