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The American Foxhound - this pooch has had its taste of American history. The various qualities, skills, and not to mention good looks is what made it a worthy gift for George Washington himself. The rich folks back in the good old days fancied this dog breed plenty - one of their hobbies, was hunting foxes. I'm sure you have an idea of what that was like, right? If not, just picture a bunch of men in their late 30's wearing long fancy coats and holding long barreled shotguns in one hand and an American Foxhound by the leash on the other.

The pooch was revered by these people because of the hunting skill set they had at their disposal; which included agility. This hunting dog had the ability to run at neck-snapping speeds and not tire easily while at it. The build of it allowed it to make fast turns with ease - it weighed anywhere from 65 to 75 pounds, and stood 21 to 25 inches. Another good thing about it was the great sense of smell it had, in which it used to root out elusive foxes hiding somewhere in the forest or whatever terrain the old farts played in.

I'm sure you've heard of stories or seen movies about Americans fighting with Indians - according to some people, the American Foxhound was used to track down the Indians (wherever they were hiding), so the "white people" could move in and catch them off guard. When the "white people" were fast asleep, camping at some isolated "Indian Danger Zone", they needed the Foxhound to play watch dog for them. This ensured their safety and minimized the number of their people getting their scalps sliced off, getting roasted over a bonfire, and other methods of torture that was used on them. Now that you know the purpose it had before, let's go deeper into its "mind".

The American Foxhound is a pooch of unwavering courage. They show no fear while on the prowl for prey, and bring some of that when at the household of its master. It does have the tendency to not get along very well with the other animals in the neighborhood, but can still be very sweet and affectionate to its human companions. Having children won't be much of a problem, because they love them, but having another pet in the house just might tick it off. Dealing with that will need early puppy socialization to improve its overall canine behavior. Though they are very intelligent dogs, they need consistent and proper dog training methods.

An important thing to remember while training an American Foxhound is to never use punishment - it just doesn't work with it. Dog grooming would be a walk in the park; the short fur will needed little brushing, and bathing only when needed. If you decide to keep it outdoors, make sure you put up a fence that's tough enough to keep it inside - once it picks up a scent that it likes, it'll follow it no matter how far it takes it.

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American Foxhound - Class Hunter

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This article was published on 2010/04/03