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American-Reflections is a company born from necessity of what we believe is a abundance of imported goods into our Nation.

Our founding President has been involved in finished goods manufacturing since 1985, and has seen factories shut down, Americans lose their jobs, and tainted goods targeted at our most precious resource, our Children, entering our country.

Upon losing his own job, and feeling strongly about the lack of patriotism and faith in our great land, we founded American-Reflections.

The principle is simple, manufacture a product that reminds us who we are, and where we come from, reflecting on our Nation. Make the products cost effective, and use all American raw materials.

Each piece is hand finished, and carries a message, may it be an inspirational psalm or The Pledge of allegiance, or a wilderness scene that takes us to a simpler time.

Each product from American-Reflections is unique and limited edition.

We start with an image, 2 dimensional for text and 3 dimensional for sculpted carvings.

The Americana line features a digitally re-mastered version of The Declaration of Independence, carved into the piece approximately 1/8″

A mold is then generated from master pattern that is exact duplicate, and will only last a maximum of 1,000 pieces.

We press the mold up to 10 tons of pressure using shredded paper and a binder, and the result is a composite likeness that requires stain or highlighting by hand, and sometimes a wooden frame to accent the piece, where we try and be true to the period/era of time.

We can custom manufacture for firms with minimum order, and continue to expand our line of products monthly.

Our products are hand crafted , elegant, yet subtle pieces of art, which are at home from museums to hunting cabins.

Our message is simple, reflect on your patriotism, your history, and your nation, and when considering any purchase, think of where your hard earned dollars are going.

When we complain about our economy, and the state of our Nation without action, it does little for America, but the next time you visit a big box store, realize the product you bring into your home, could effect your health and our Nations health.

Buy American, the job you save may be your own.

Frank Bien is the owner of American American Reflections provides Museum Quality Wood Finished Carvings including Americana, Inspirational, Biker Themed and more Wall Art. Truly unique Artwork can be found at American Reflections.

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Buy American Made Wall Art From American Reflections

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This article was published on 2010/11/30