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For couples seeking a unique Native American Pendants or wedding band, try to look at the Native American Jewelry designed rings. Many couples choose to Native American jewelry, because they want to reflect their heritage, believe in the symbolism, or the ideals which are manifested by such jewelry. You do not need the U.S. to appreciate the beauty and know-how that goes into their jewelry. Many models are inspired by the spiritual beliefs of a tribal nation, and vary from tribe to tribe.

Most of the Native American Jewelry makers of today are jewelry from a long line of craftsmen, their knowledge of their history and symbols of the tribe is literally hundreds of years. Jewelry they create smooth, straight lines and drawings are never unbalanced or uneven. The stones are well integrated into their framework. You will not see any bad quality of their crafts jewelry. Native American Pendants and marriage are often bands of money, even if some may be found rings of gold or platinum.

They also traditionally use natural resources like wood, hemp, hematite, jade, quartz or making cycles. The gems are usually natural stones like turquoise (most popular, i.e. the wealth and prosperity), the mother of pearl, agate, opal, jade, coral, onyx, lapis lazuli, carnelian or who were polite but not faceted. It is not uncommon to find sculpture of a bison, wolves, eagles, horses, nor incorporated into the design of their rings of these measures to represent the Native American spirit guides or protection totems. Symbols like a leaf, running water or mountains are also described in their jewelry, because they keep the wearer earthed, or Mother Earth. Some geometric patterns made of metal and stone are also symbolic of certain tribes.

Before buying, it is always better that we find as much information as possible about the seller. Since Native American collectibles are in high demand, there is always a risk that you could end up buying a fake, as in some regions, they have flooded the market. It is therefore important that you check the credentials of a seller through references in the form of friends, family members or colleagues who can vouch for the authenticity of products purchased from a dealer.
If you live in the southwestern United States, then you probably have good access to many great artisans, whether on reservations or in specialty shops. Otherwise, you can go online at the following retailers to view and Native American Jewelry:

• Ugly Otter

• Bear Claw Jewelry

• Ben Nighthorse

• Native American Traditions

• Native Arts Trading

• The Navajo Silversmith

• American Trails

• Eagle Rock Trading Post

• Touch Wood Rings
While most genuine Native American jewelry at reasonable prices, some items can be very expensive. Just keep in mind that you have the choice of the rings that have a spiritual sense, in most cases, these blessings are intended to enrich your life together.

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Native American Pendants

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This article was published on 2009/01/10