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Native American, Aboriginal and First Nation Women are out there and they want to meet you!

Native American women are seeking men of Native or non-Native background for online fun, dating, romance or lifelong relationships.

Chat with other Native American singles in a fun and safe environment.

Meet single, sexy Native American women online. Like all women online, some are looking for hot fun online - some are seeking friendship and romance - some are searching for a loving, lifelong relationship with a man who will respect her for who she is...

Some want to meet First Nation men - some Native American and Native Canadian women are seeking a true loving man of any background. They know that a white man can make a loving companion...


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Native American women from the U. S., Canada, Mexico and Latin America are seeking men who will appreciate them for all that they are. They need LOVE and RESPECT in equal doses.


Modern times are seeing an increased awareness and appreciation of First Nation culture. For instance:

Native American Day

The state holiday, called Columbus Day in other states, officially was established in 1990 by the Legislature to honor Native Americans living in South Dakota.

About 70 people, Native Americans and non-Native Americans, gathered in Sioux Falls' Multi-Cultural Center amid music, food and entertainment. Children from area day cares also took part in Native American dances.

About eight or nine powwows are scheduled to be held later this year and into next year.

Outreach doesn't stop with Native Americans. Spokeswoman Nicolaisen said she wants all ethnic groups to feel welcome at the center. "I think there were several communities that didn't feel as loved, but it is one of my priorities to make sure that every community here, even if you're third-generation German, we're open to everyone," Nicolaisen said.

Other center staff members say there is a need for more Native American volunteers for some of the programs, including the Friday after-school program, which features dancing, crafts and stories about Native American cultures.


Chief Crazy Horse Carving

As parts of the USA mark Native American Day the BBC has been getting a close up look at the sculpture that could one day eclipse the faces of American presidents at Mount Rushmore.

For more than 60 years workers have been painstakingly carving the shape of Chief Crazy Horse on a mountain in South Dakota.

If completed it is set to be the largest sculpture in the world - but there are decades of work left.



Indian & White: multi-cultural Celebration of Native American arts and culture

For instance: Colgate University's annual Native American Arts and Culture Festival.

The festival celebrates Native American culture with performances of music and dance, art and archaeology demonstrations, many vendors selling unique Native American crafts, and more.

Music and dance acts take place all day, with plenty of seating for all. New this year is Lisa Little Wolf, who will perform traditional Cheyenne women's buckskin dances.

Corn Bred, an acclaimed Native American Blues band, will return to the festival this year. A popular fixture of the festival is the Onondaga-based troupe Haudenosaunee Singers and Dancers, which includes many young dancers performing fast-paced smoke dances as well as traditional Iroquois social dances in which the audience is invited to participate.

Representing Indigenous culture south of the border, Tahuantinsuyo, an award-winning group of musicians from the Peruvian Andes, will perform traditional dances in regional dress.

Vendors from many Native American communities offer a wide array of unique craft items for sale including exquisite jewelry, pottery, baskets, and more while artists will also offer sculpture in stone, antler, and clay, as well as prints and paintings.

All of the artists enjoy speaking with visitors about their work, and special craft demonstrations will take place throughout the day. An archaeology display by Mohawk educator Mike Tarbell, and a display on regional birds and animals courtesy of Rogers Environmental Center, will both take place all day.

While visitors browse and chat with the artists and performers, they may also sample traditional Iroquois corn soup and fry bread, as well as strawberry cake, made-to-order Indian tacos, and other foods, all of which will be available for purchase throughout the day.

All are welcome and families are especially encouraged to attend.


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NATIVE AMERICAN WOMEN: Seeking Men for Dating, Romance or Marriage - Chat with Native American Women

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