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Did you know that The American Junior Red Cross has been operating in alignment with The American Red Cross since 1917, and that young people aged up to 24 years represent over a third of all American Red Cross members?


There are a plethora of ways in which members of The American Junior Red Cross are creating a difference in our communities. A small number of these are explained below.


1. Young people are disciplined to become involved in numerous areas of The American Red Cross Disaster Services, such as community disaster preparation, and disaster response through involvement in The American Red Cross disaster action teams and youth disaster corps.


2. Junior American Red Cross members actively participate in leadership roles through their membership of clubs, councils, and local committees. They also go to leadership development camps and play a role in national advisory groups of The American Red Cross.


3. American Junior Red Cross members are actively being reminded to take part in health and safety education classes. By learning CPR, first aid, and discovering water safety, young people are well positioned to serve as instructors and lifeguards.


4. American Junior Red Cross members are able to donate blood from the age of 17. However their involvement in donation programs does not conclude there. They provide assistance with blood donation campaigns in an assortment of ways such as recruiting donors, arranging appointments, and serving refreshments.


5. Members of The American Junior Red Cross devise fund raising programs through their schools, and teach young students about disaster preparedness.


A great example how schools have served The American Red Cross comes from the Western Illinois Chapter who report that eight classes from Neilson School raised $264.23 to go towards disaster services offered by the Western Illinois Chapter.


You can make your individual contribution by donating a used vehicle to The American Red Cross, such as a car or another mode of ground transportation (even water). The vehicle you donate does not even need to be functional. The profits from the resale of the vehicle will guarantee that the critical work of this charity proceeds.

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The American Junior Red Cross

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This article was published on 2010/02/09