The Ethiopians

in American

Please note that I am not making negative remarks about the beautiful Ethiopian people and the efficient Ethiopian worker. I am only using this as a reference for Americans losing their jobs. Please write me if you are offended, as I will be happy to clarify my innocent intent.

The BIG companies and corporations will be counting their pennies and your coins saved by hiring the cheaper Ethiopian workers (because they earn less money than ours and they save money for the company owners who make more money this way BUT the Ethiopians don't really earn much money BECAUSE it is less than our American workers earn).

They neglect to hire the American worker (who costs more $$$ an hour in paychecks) with sometimes actual discrimination(unlawful prejudice or unfair judging of a man, woman or even a child looking for a job) toward the black and Hispanic American workers to whom they really and legally -- -- or should it be something done simply from their spirits their hearts?

American corporations owe our black, white and Hispanic workers an allegiance to the American who needs a job - (or a loyalty as for a friend in need or a friend you care for and want to protect).

While the corporate company house (a metaphor- not real) is *** burning down *** and you see they are losing their belongings - even losing it ALL, they LOSE EVERY SINGLE THING -with ZERO - 0$$ - zero left - they will still be counting your pennies and your coins (through COLD AND STERILE and foreign-like "fluoride" hiring practices (the way they hire people.

IT JUST IS the manner in which they hire the workers) as the RICH company owners' economic life or MONEY LIFE fades AND DISAPPEARS from the LAND and the landscape into a cloud of obscurity and actual insignificance outshadowed by their meanness and obvious hegemony - which is a domination and a subjugation or a *** hurting of ** emotionally inside the person) toward men and women of American color.

The hegemony is expressed through our AMERICAN culture that the BUSINESS OWNERS HAVE SOMETIMES tragically disowned and thrown away - but now it MAY no longer matter with the rising tides of THOUGHTS OF awareness that do exclude and LEAVE these Corporations OUT as an employer OR A MAN WHO HIRES no longer!

- NOW!

In the new American day there will be a new landscape painted with yellow hope and bright, bright colors THAT will be in CHILDREN'S HEARTS? and the men's and women's, as well, while *** insignificant and actually immoral outlooks *** (not good OUTLOOKS like the yellow YELLOW sun) *** become a small part of the long white jetstream I am staring at, up in the blue, blue, blue sky.

Perhaps the children will dance and sing again with a realized OR Even A DREAMED HOPE in their hearts that they will have enough *** food *** to eat every day and their parents will stop anguishing arguing and hitting, even beating, their hungry hearts - their empty stomachs - their buttocks - their little delicate bottoms with BIG MEAN HANDS - because there never is *** enough ********* enough ? enough!! ****

**** (Symbols for things people fight over)

Why Not?

Why is there never enough?

??? WHY ??


??? WHY????

Why ***NOT ***

Is there even enough --- OF ANYTHING?

It is important to know who you are in the world and to respect others - with your HANDS (#1) and your MIND (#2), keeping it alive in your SOUL (#3) so it will LAST.

It is a real *** trinity *** (a Three in One) because it is one (1) - two (2) - and three (3) inside and in the heart ??? of ONE person's self - especially a Child's CHOICES and HOPE every day!

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Patricia McGurk Martin is a United States citizen who lives in the northern Virginia area. An accomplished writer of social justice essays, she also writes fiction and poetry about the serious issues that impact on children and women. Her focus includes the complex abusive relationships that sometimes are criminal in nature, even though familial. Ms. McGurk Martin writes with a spiritual focus that transcends religious and social barriers.

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The Ethiopians

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This article was published on 2010/04/02