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If you love cartoon series and enjoy watching drama series full of joy, fun, humor and suspense, you must watch American Dad which is a very popular animated cartoon series produced by Fox Television Network. A total of 5 seasons comprising of 96 episodes have been aired and watched by millions of people. Each of these seasons got more than 6 millions views and this series every season of American Dad got ranked below 100.

Stan Smith is the key character of American Dade series and the whole story revolves around the life of this character. Stan Smith acts as a CIA agent and portrays himself as an extra-ordinary loyal and patriot person. His wife Francine Smith and his two children are also prominent actors in this drama series. However, this whole family appears to be a simple and conservative family which brings a great touch of simplicity in the whole story. Story of American Dad is a good mix of adventure, humor, romance and suspense.

The first season of American Dad consists of a total of 23 episodes and people can watch American Dad first season in DVD format as well. This season brings a lot many twists in the story and the story proceeds with a slow but steady momentum. Some of the popular episodes of this season include Stan Knows Best, Its good to be Queen and Tears of a Clooney.
The second and third season of American Dad consist of 19 and 16 episodes respectively and during these episodes, the reality of many of the characters is exposed and the blunders committed by Stan and his family members make these episodes quite interesting and funny.

Fourth and fifth seasons bring the story of American Dad at a climax level and several mysteries are disclosed during 38 episodes of these two seasons. These two seasons are considered as the crunch of the whole story.

Fans of American dad can watch American Dad episodes online as well as now dozens of video streaming websites offer such services free of cost. Quality of the videos being streamed online is really a point of concern however, time convenience, cost effectiveness and global access makes the online access of these episodes a great gift for American Dad lovers.
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This article was published on 2010/12/31